Sunday, August 1, 2010

Airdrie's Sushi Haru

I have wanted to come to Sushi Haru for some time but never seemed to find the right opportunity as they have typical Sushi operating hours. Open for lunch, close for the afternoon and than open again for super and early evening which makes it tough at times to go. This is located in Airdrie, Alberta about 10 minutes north of Calgary on the north west side in a crappy looking strip mall. Kind of funny though on T.V last night I watched a program called the best foods ever on TLC and a BBQ place was featured, their prime research for opening up was to find a crappy looking strip mall. Apparently you will find the best food in crappy strip malls 1. The outside doesn't look like much. 2. You are very very surprised it is so packed with customers. 3. It is the quality of food that makes it popular with the locals. Yes Sushi Haru is located in a crappy looking strip mall and if you blink you may just drive by and miss it, that would be a same.
The inside was not decorated by some famous Japanese designer at least I would not think so, the service was fantastic staff were very friendly and attentive. At first I was sceptical based on the exterior and interior of the store (yes it is very clean..just ugly) but as I waited browsing through the menu i noticed the artistically platted sushi going to other customers. I became very excited on what I was just going to experience, I selected a number of rolls and tempura and couldn't wait.
The sushi rice was seasoned to perfection and still warm unlike some sushi places that pre make too much rice and hold for a extended period of time. The rice was fluffy on the Norri and not pressed in or too man handled it was made with care. The over all flavor was fantastic one the best sushi places in Alberta! coming from a small city outside of bigger name restaurants is a surprise and pleasure.
If you live in Airdrie and have not gone, go soon you don't know what jewel is in your back yard, and if you live outside of Airdrie it is worth the drive

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Sushi Haru on Urbanspoon

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