Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Blog Entry

Well here goes I have never been academically inclined I will try to write in a way that does not offend but recently have found an interest and love affair with all things associated with food. I have always enjoyed food don't get me wrong we have to eat right, I take comfort in food and all the joys and adventures that come along.
A little about me I live in Central Alberta, Canada and get to travel across North America and visit many different restaurants unique to that region. It's amazing what you can find all the different flavors and senses that I would never experience in Alberta. I want to write about things that are interesting to me and maybe some of you may find interesting as well, visiting restaurants and becoming a food critic. Trying out recipes that help me trim my calorie intake (you know so I can eat more), blogging about my favorite T.V. channel the Food Network and favorite episodes.
I love food and will explore restaurants and recipes and post them for you, there are some true hidden gems out there and I hope to take some great adventures.

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