Monday, August 30, 2010

Hamps 101 - South Bend

Hamps 101 in South Point was recommended by the coffee shop across the street, it was either the BBQ down the street or Hamps. The recommendation was based on the BBQ not being able to handle volume if it gets busy, so off I went to Hamps 101 should have went to the BBQ.

I went with the fried oysters thinking this is a fishing community and should try the local flair and the award winning clam chowder noted in the menu. Well the fried clams were soggy and fishy so not recommended I took one bite and that was enough.

Next was the clam chowder that tasted like it came from a pouch or can not sure what award this one was a winner from.

Food was not great, service was rustic very small town If I was able to take a do over I would have passed on through and not have stopped in.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Mill Burger - Seattle

Voted one of the burgers you must eat before you die, one the best burgers in America I had to check this one out. Located just minutes from the space needle small little restaurant with little seating but customers seem to find a spot inside or on the benches out front.

Once inside place your order quickly find a spot to sit and wait patiently for your name to be called and look at all the nik nak decor around to pass the time, the original menu on the wall is nostalgic seeing what the prices use to be.

Looking at the grill from the counter you see the stack of bacon which one of their signature pieces and what customers have come to expect.

I ordered the single patty bacon burger and from experience I should have got more than 1 patty, the US burgers are thin and you need more patties for substance. The burger was good but does not fit in the category of one of the best ever, in the US so far the Green Chili buger in New Mexico is one of my favorites.

I also bought the Onion Rings and were not too bad, as the fries were good too....

Over all the burger was good and worth another visit I can see why this is a must eat place in Seattle, If you have never been its worth a visit and must stop by. On to the next best food in America let's see what I can find.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

South St. Burger Co. - Cross Iron Mills

South St. Burger Co. - Cross Iron Mills

Cross Iron Mills the newest mall just north of Calgary in Balzac has South St. Burger Co. a Franchise associated with the New York Fries restaurants. Their spin on the hamburger that has no hormone, antibiotics, or preservatives all natural beef like their fries. I wasn't hungry enough to try the burger itself but did have the fries that you guessed it is just like the food court NY Fries wow eh who would have thought. The cost for fries is pretty steep 1 medium fries, 1 double poutine and 2 small drinks came to $16.42 ouch, should have got the burger to make it worth while right.

Med Fries, Double Poutine, and 2 small pop for $16.42

Burgers being made

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mambo Pizza - Nanaimo

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Mambo Pizza
I looked up who had the best Pizza in Nanaimo and found this small place by the University that was given awards for best Pizza. They claim the crust and quality toppings set them apart from the others around town so I had to check them out. They have very little seating inside so primarily take out or delivery the wait time was only 15 min from fresh so the wait was bearable. The decor is unique to spots closely located by Universities and students, I visited during the summer when school was out and it still was a busy spot with pick up orders. It's funny how from region to region the Pizza will vary crust, dough, cheese, sauce, or toppings. This location says the crust sets them apart I couldn't see any areas on the crust that would show it was baked with lots of oil but very little. The color was pail in comparison to crust baked with oil or that distinctive crunch. The crust was more crispy that a crunch with hints of color. The Pizza of choice for me was the Vegetarian Delight with little Mozzarella cheese and lots of Feta cheese, the tomato sauce had a very good flavor with basil. Overall the pizza was pretty good still not my favorite all time pizza or one that I would vote best but I have not tried any other in Nanaimo to compare. The price is up there to premium with a 14" coming to $21.50 kinda steep, if you have never been here before its worth a visit at least once an compare for yourself.

Vegetarian Delight 12" 21.50

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sisho Sushi - Red Deer

I've read online that Sisho was a good place to have sushi in Red Deer so I thought I would give it a try, easy place to find perched up on the corner of the hill. The outside was dated but typical small city Asian restaurants and the inside closely resembles with dated decor. The service was alright kinda slow but there was only 2 staff serving the large seating area.
Beef Roll
The beef roll was OK but wasn't a fan of the teriyaki beef inside, roast beef flavor and kind of chewy texture, I wouldn't order this one again.
Sisho Maki Platter
The sushi quality at Sisho was average compared to other locations I have been to, the rice was OK not as seasoned to my liking, and a bit cold which means its not as fresh. Overall I think it's good and would visit again as the service was OK and quality was fine.

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Subway - Nanaimo Metral

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Spicy Italian
I had to go out to eat this evening and didn't feel like anything greasy so I opted on Subway in Nanaimo on Metral. I need to stay away from calorie packed foods and this fits, Honey oat toasted bread loaded with vegetables. This location loaded my sub with vegetables which some other Subways in the chain are a bit more cheap and sparse. I asked for extra vegetables and they had no problem loading the sub, the service was very good, quick and my sub was fantastic and guilt free.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kasira Fine Thai Cusine

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The more I visit restaurants that are in ugly strip mall that I would typically never visit I'm reminded of the Food Network program that indicated some of the best meals come from ugly strip malls. This is very true about Kasaira Fine Thai Cuisine in Nanaimo British Columbia, the outside is unattractive and the inside is not too bad. Small seating area I would have to say it seats 30 tops so not a large dining area, but tastefully decorated.
The menu has a number of items that look very good my selection tonight was the red curry with prawns, the meal does take some time to come out but obviously worth the wait because it look fantastic. good portion sizes here some of the plate going to the other tables I was in awe and thought "maybe I should have ordered that". The curry was very tasty not too hot and went well with coconut milk, the prawns were cooked perfect not over cooked. The aroma's of all the meals though out were so good you just don't have room to eat everything in one siting.
I would recommend Kasaira for the good customer service and fantastic meals, and I will have to return again this will be one restaurant I will have to revisit.
Red Curry with Prawns

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Edo Japan - Red Deer - Olds | Urbanspoon

Edo Japan - Red Deer - Olds Urbanspoon

Edo Japan Olds, Alberta

Edo Japan Olds, Alberta

Japanese quick service restaurant in Alberta you would think Edmonton, Calgary city's that first come to mind right? Well what about rural Central Alberta and what if I tell you not only is there Japanese Tepanyaki in the middle of the prarie but some of the best you will find with in the Edo Japan Franchise. Olds, Alberta has found it self some of the best Edo I have ever tasted, fantastic customer service, and some of the best Sushi I have tried with this style of restaurant.
First off the Loretta the Franchise owner of this location worked in the Head Office for Edo Japan for a number of years, the customer service is very personable. Walking into the restaurant your greeted right away from the staff, all are smiling and seemed to really enjoy what they are doing. The location is clean and inviting, smaller restaurant but you can easily find seating.
Billy is behind the grill and I'm told he has been with Edo Japan for over 20 years! You can tell there is experience behind the food when you get your meal. The meal is hot and quick, the flavor brings me back to eating Edo Japan as a kid growing up in Calgary and visiting the malls. Edo Japan was predominately in Mall Food Courts but have been popping up Street locations over the past 5 years. My favorite is the Sukiyaki beef but the Olds location puts out some incredible sushi! Yes that's right sushi, the rice here is warm and seasoned right, there is no pre made sushi here all is made to order and very high quality and attention is made. I enjoy the Kami Platter cause it has 2 of my all time favorites Spicy Tuna and Spicy Salmon roll!

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Shrimp Roll

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swiss Chalet Beacon Hill

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One of the restaurants my family enjoys to visit is Swiss Chalet and we have gone to the Beacon Hill location N.W Calgary sense they opened and it is a fairly new location. The service in the beginning was fantastic very friendly servers and the food was great. Well the food is still very good this time around we got the summer promotion quarter chicken with tomato cucumber salad and ice cream sundae.

As you can see the chicken and fries are portioned as normal but the salad was a bit skimpy I shouldn't complain too much as I was very full at the end of the meal. Than came out the sundae looked amazing and tasted great too.

What a way to finish off the meal, and put me over the edge too, I was so full and for a guy that is very important. Like I said the food was very good consistent with all the other times we have gone here, except the service was not the greatest. Our server although she asks questions like how is the food? Are you done with that? but wasn't listening we would answer her and she just continued on at first my wife and I just looked at each other dazed that she was oblivious to us. Towards the end of the meal as she was collecting plates and asking if we were done my wife told her twice or son wasn't finished but she continued to grab his plate. My wife sternly said EXCUSE ME! HE'S NOT DONE and I'm sure if I had a dinner roll crumbs would have flown in her direction. She just wouldn't listen kind of annoying at the time but funny now, the food was still very good and we will go back there again.

M&M Meat Shops Supreme Lasagna

With all the retailers out there advertising who has the best or supreme quality, my quest tonight was Lasagna and M&M Meat Shop's Supreme Lasagna was the test. You get a 4lb frozen slab for $16 about the same size as you can get in major super markets across Canada. I have tried Safeway and President's Choice not being a big fan of either of them, so I thought I would try M&M Meat Shop's version. I read online that this was a top contender from food reviews so off I went to get supper for tonight. Experience tells me to pick up extra mozzarella cheese because I like my lasagna very cheesy, and I was right when you open the foil lid not too much for cheese.

I added the extra cheese and the end product was better than I imagined it to be, I would have to say better than all the other frozen brands out there. The sauce had a tang to it and the extra cheese provided that extra golden flavor that would have been missed with out. Yes I know it is not the most nutritious meal but in a hurry can be acceptable.

Airdrie's Sushi Haru

I have wanted to come to Sushi Haru for some time but never seemed to find the right opportunity as they have typical Sushi operating hours. Open for lunch, close for the afternoon and than open again for super and early evening which makes it tough at times to go. This is located in Airdrie, Alberta about 10 minutes north of Calgary on the north west side in a crappy looking strip mall. Kind of funny though on T.V last night I watched a program called the best foods ever on TLC and a BBQ place was featured, their prime research for opening up was to find a crappy looking strip mall. Apparently you will find the best food in crappy strip malls 1. The outside doesn't look like much. 2. You are very very surprised it is so packed with customers. 3. It is the quality of food that makes it popular with the locals. Yes Sushi Haru is located in a crappy looking strip mall and if you blink you may just drive by and miss it, that would be a same.
The inside was not decorated by some famous Japanese designer at least I would not think so, the service was fantastic staff were very friendly and attentive. At first I was sceptical based on the exterior and interior of the store (yes it is very clean..just ugly) but as I waited browsing through the menu i noticed the artistically platted sushi going to other customers. I became very excited on what I was just going to experience, I selected a number of rolls and tempura and couldn't wait.
The sushi rice was seasoned to perfection and still warm unlike some sushi places that pre make too much rice and hold for a extended period of time. The rice was fluffy on the Norri and not pressed in or too man handled it was made with care. The over all flavor was fantastic one the best sushi places in Alberta! coming from a small city outside of bigger name restaurants is a surprise and pleasure.
If you live in Airdrie and have not gone, go soon you don't know what jewel is in your back yard, and if you live outside of Airdrie it is worth the drive

Green Tea Ice Cream

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