Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Mill Burger - Seattle

Voted one of the burgers you must eat before you die, one the best burgers in America I had to check this one out. Located just minutes from the space needle small little restaurant with little seating but customers seem to find a spot inside or on the benches out front.

Once inside place your order quickly find a spot to sit and wait patiently for your name to be called and look at all the nik nak decor around to pass the time, the original menu on the wall is nostalgic seeing what the prices use to be.

Looking at the grill from the counter you see the stack of bacon which one of their signature pieces and what customers have come to expect.

I ordered the single patty bacon burger and from experience I should have got more than 1 patty, the US burgers are thin and you need more patties for substance. The burger was good but does not fit in the category of one of the best ever, in the US so far the Green Chili buger in New Mexico is one of my favorites.

I also bought the Onion Rings and were not too bad, as the fries were good too....

Over all the burger was good and worth another visit I can see why this is a must eat place in Seattle, If you have never been its worth a visit and must stop by. On to the next best food in America let's see what I can find.

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