Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mambo Pizza - Nanaimo

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Mambo Pizza
I looked up who had the best Pizza in Nanaimo and found this small place by the University that was given awards for best Pizza. They claim the crust and quality toppings set them apart from the others around town so I had to check them out. They have very little seating inside so primarily take out or delivery the wait time was only 15 min from fresh so the wait was bearable. The decor is unique to spots closely located by Universities and students, I visited during the summer when school was out and it still was a busy spot with pick up orders. It's funny how from region to region the Pizza will vary crust, dough, cheese, sauce, or toppings. This location says the crust sets them apart I couldn't see any areas on the crust that would show it was baked with lots of oil but very little. The color was pail in comparison to crust baked with oil or that distinctive crunch. The crust was more crispy that a crunch with hints of color. The Pizza of choice for me was the Vegetarian Delight with little Mozzarella cheese and lots of Feta cheese, the tomato sauce had a very good flavor with basil. Overall the pizza was pretty good still not my favorite all time pizza or one that I would vote best but I have not tried any other in Nanaimo to compare. The price is up there to premium with a 14" coming to $21.50 kinda steep, if you have never been here before its worth a visit at least once an compare for yourself.

Vegetarian Delight 12" 21.50

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