Thursday, August 5, 2010

Edo Japan Olds, Alberta

Edo Japan Olds, Alberta

Japanese quick service restaurant in Alberta you would think Edmonton, Calgary city's that first come to mind right? Well what about rural Central Alberta and what if I tell you not only is there Japanese Tepanyaki in the middle of the prarie but some of the best you will find with in the Edo Japan Franchise. Olds, Alberta has found it self some of the best Edo I have ever tasted, fantastic customer service, and some of the best Sushi I have tried with this style of restaurant.
First off the Loretta the Franchise owner of this location worked in the Head Office for Edo Japan for a number of years, the customer service is very personable. Walking into the restaurant your greeted right away from the staff, all are smiling and seemed to really enjoy what they are doing. The location is clean and inviting, smaller restaurant but you can easily find seating.
Billy is behind the grill and I'm told he has been with Edo Japan for over 20 years! You can tell there is experience behind the food when you get your meal. The meal is hot and quick, the flavor brings me back to eating Edo Japan as a kid growing up in Calgary and visiting the malls. Edo Japan was predominately in Mall Food Courts but have been popping up Street locations over the past 5 years. My favorite is the Sukiyaki beef but the Olds location puts out some incredible sushi! Yes that's right sushi, the rice here is warm and seasoned right, there is no pre made sushi here all is made to order and very high quality and attention is made. I enjoy the Kami Platter cause it has 2 of my all time favorites Spicy Tuna and Spicy Salmon roll!

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