Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sisho Sushi - Red Deer

I've read online that Sisho was a good place to have sushi in Red Deer so I thought I would give it a try, easy place to find perched up on the corner of the hill. The outside was dated but typical small city Asian restaurants and the inside closely resembles with dated decor. The service was alright kinda slow but there was only 2 staff serving the large seating area.
Beef Roll
The beef roll was OK but wasn't a fan of the teriyaki beef inside, roast beef flavor and kind of chewy texture, I wouldn't order this one again.
Sisho Maki Platter
The sushi quality at Sisho was average compared to other locations I have been to, the rice was OK not as seasoned to my liking, and a bit cold which means its not as fresh. Overall I think it's good and would visit again as the service was OK and quality was fine.

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