Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hell Fire Challenge

Hell Fire Challenge in Salt Lake City I have seen this TV episode with Adam on Man V Food so I went ot check it out. Small sushi place in a strip mall and fairly tiny on the inside I thought I might be in trouble if it gets busy seating is very limited.

I sat down and was offered the special of the day that owner Alex was preparing, very outgoing and talks over the sushi bar at customers. With a huge smile Alex's yells out "I make you the special everyone loves it" I accepted and waited for the loved special.

The special arrived and yes indeed I did enjoy it although I could quit make out what they said was inside, deep fried hand roll with white fish but it was very good.

Alex's Special
 I than asked about the Hell Fire Sushi and hot hot was it? The server asked how well can I take heat and recommended I start with #5 roll, you have to work your way up to the hottest roll #4, #5, #6 and finally #7.
I started with the #5 roll expecting my mouth to catch on fire but the heat was fine, I was surprised by the texture of rice inside the roll, very moist almost too wet and no flavor. I was expecting a very good roll but was not excited about the finished product.

#5 Hell Fire Roll

Miso Soup
I contemplated ordering #6 to see if the heat is unbearable but couldn't get past the lack of flavor in the roll, as I sat there a couple of new customers walked in and conversed with Alex. They were from Salt Lake City and seen the Man V Food episode so Alex jumped around the counter and had a DVD cued with the Man V Food and played it for everyone. I decided on #6 and soon after it arrived at my table I took the first bite there was some heat but my mouth was still not on fire? After watching the TV show in the restaurant Adam's mouth was on fire at roll #6 and he was starting to sweat, again the flavor was not great and turned me off of #7 which I'm sure was the reason its called Hell Fire.

#6 Hell Fire
I'll save #7 for another day and take home the T-Shirt maybe it was a bad day for that batch of rice, however the atmosphere and other aspects of my visit was great and would suggest this to others. Until next time Alex thank you for the experience and will eat #7!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Expanding waist lines

Airdrie has a new hot spot Five Guys Burgers and Fries just opened a US based burger joint moves north. Typical American portion size absolutely huge, I ordered a cheese burger with fries with all the add ons you want! If your in a rush this place is not for you, it will take 10 min as they cook everything fresh to order. If your looking for a clean neat burger this place is not for you, burger is massive and sloppy. If your looking for an occasional indulgence that leaves you messy and full this place is for you!

When you arrive your greeted with staff behind the counter announcing customers something like "2 in the door" I'm sure its something else but you get the picture. Walk to the counter and place your order, look beside you on the stack of potatoes and grab some salted peanuts in the shell fill your own drink and wait till they call your number.
After they prepare you burger its placed into a paper bag on the bottom, than go the fries after your fries go in a heaping scoop of fries are place loosely on top of everything. The burger is huge and messy, the fries are hot and fresh so over all you get a very good meal.
For a whopping 900 calories for the burger it self add all the fries and you have a huge calorie hit and should be an occasional indulgence or Airdire may see some expanding waists in the future.

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