Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swiss Chalet Beacon Hill

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One of the restaurants my family enjoys to visit is Swiss Chalet and we have gone to the Beacon Hill location N.W Calgary sense they opened and it is a fairly new location. The service in the beginning was fantastic very friendly servers and the food was great. Well the food is still very good this time around we got the summer promotion quarter chicken with tomato cucumber salad and ice cream sundae.

As you can see the chicken and fries are portioned as normal but the salad was a bit skimpy I shouldn't complain too much as I was very full at the end of the meal. Than came out the sundae looked amazing and tasted great too.

What a way to finish off the meal, and put me over the edge too, I was so full and for a guy that is very important. Like I said the food was very good consistent with all the other times we have gone here, except the service was not the greatest. Our server although she asks questions like how is the food? Are you done with that? but wasn't listening we would answer her and she just continued on at first my wife and I just looked at each other dazed that she was oblivious to us. Towards the end of the meal as she was collecting plates and asking if we were done my wife told her twice or son wasn't finished but she continued to grab his plate. My wife sternly said EXCUSE ME! HE'S NOT DONE and I'm sure if I had a dinner roll crumbs would have flown in her direction. She just wouldn't listen kind of annoying at the time but funny now, the food was still very good and we will go back there again.

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