Sunday, August 1, 2010

M&M Meat Shops Supreme Lasagna

With all the retailers out there advertising who has the best or supreme quality, my quest tonight was Lasagna and M&M Meat Shop's Supreme Lasagna was the test. You get a 4lb frozen slab for $16 about the same size as you can get in major super markets across Canada. I have tried Safeway and President's Choice not being a big fan of either of them, so I thought I would try M&M Meat Shop's version. I read online that this was a top contender from food reviews so off I went to get supper for tonight. Experience tells me to pick up extra mozzarella cheese because I like my lasagna very cheesy, and I was right when you open the foil lid not too much for cheese.

I added the extra cheese and the end product was better than I imagined it to be, I would have to say better than all the other frozen brands out there. The sauce had a tang to it and the extra cheese provided that extra golden flavor that would have been missed with out. Yes I know it is not the most nutritious meal but in a hurry can be acceptable.

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