Monday, September 12, 2011

Hockey Sushi - Guelph Ontario

After checking out Urban spoon's #1 rated pick by fans for Sushi in Guelph I stopped into Hockey Sushi this evening to see what the hype was about. Located not too far from the University I'm sure it has a small following from the school in this tucked away strip mall.

All you can eat Sushi is quite standard for most places now and you can find them all over the map if your looking to get a sushi fix. However not all sushi places are the same and you have to look around in order to find that gem of a place

The exterior is like most sushi places now sprouting up in obscure strip malls not much to look at from the outside but the interior is quite modern newer looking decor. My first impression of the staff laid back appearances jeans, t-shirts and one staff making sushi with his hat not fully on but slightly propped tilted to the side.

This should have been my first indication that I might not get the standard of sushi that I have come to enjoy. If the staff require professional attention the food quality might not be to standard, but off I go as some tend to surprise.

I first ordered the Tempura Sampler that came with Yam, Broccoli, 2 tempura shrimp and . The batter was quite oily that took on a lot of the oil taste and not light or crispy. The vegetables were cooked well and tasted good, but I wasn't a fan overall.

Tempura Sampler
Next I order the Dynamite Roll and Crispy Spicy Tuna Roll, I'm a huge fan of Spicy Tuna and couldn't wait to try the crispy version out. Like the Tempura the Crispy Tuna was a huge mound of deep fried panko crumbs soaked in oil that was cold. I could not distinguish much of the tuna or spicy sauce I was disappointed and kind of grossed out by the texture and flavor. The Dynamite Roll which is usually a bug hit in Sushi spots this one lacked flavor and oily tempura batter. The rice was overworked leaving a bad mouth feel and lacked flavor of a good seasoning.

Dynamite Roll and Crispy Spicy Tuna Roll
I had ordered the Japanese Fried rice which was a typical fried rice with beef, egg, frozen peas/corn, green onion and loaded with oil. Probably the most flavorful item of then night but again ladened with so much grease at this point I was done and couldn't take anymore. The service was friendly, quick with the food being just OK I will search out a few other Sushi places in the area this week.

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