Friday, December 23, 2011

Chicken for Lunch Edmonton

Famed Food court location from the owners of the TV shown featuring the Lingnan in Edmonton, Alberta this hideaway is located in the bottom floor Scotia Centre.
The firecracker owner Amy comes across as full of energy, shoot from the hip managing the entire steam table herself. I went early because of the legendary long lines Ive heard so much about and as stated the line up comes out of nowhere and extends into the food court.
It was my turn I panicked cause I couldn't remember the favorite item talked about by so many customer as Amy very quickly said My friend what would you like! She flipped the daily special listing my way almost annoyed I didn't know what I wanted and was going to hold up the line! The customer beside me smiled and said You must have the Hot and Dry Chicken! Almost sweating at this point I said sure I will try that. Amy said OK Buddy you will have the Ginger Chicken too..Try both you like it. with a tornado style motion she was filling the medium sized clam shell so fast I was surprised food wasn't flying everywhere, snapped an elastic band over top as the food was bursting at the seams.
I sat down to try the Crack Chicken or Hot and Dry chicken listed on the menu, the texture was like the light salty coating found on deep fried Asian chicken wings or dry spare ribs with some spice for the heat. Overall very good I can see why this is a favorite item and surprised someone else has not duplicated in other bigger mall locations.
The food is good standard Asian scoop and serve with some added specialties you will not find anywhere else, however the dynamic customer service and show put on by Amy is what draws so many to endure the long line up. You get huge portion of food good value, good flavor, and someone that just makes you chuckle and smile as Amy puts on a show.
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