Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Japanese Village - Calgary

Japanese village has some fond memories for me this is the first Japanese food experience I had almost 18 years ago, we went with friends trying to be adventurous looking for something new. We were seated by a Japanese family and probably why it was so memorable is because the family more than the restaurant. They suggested menu items to try and insisted on some sake they had purchased the first one for us and were great company the entire meal. The Teppanyaki chef was very funny and interacted with us through the meal, we had a great time and the food was fantastic.
Thinking we would get a similar food experience it has been years since our last visit so needless to say excitement to see the Teppanyaki chef do his magic and provide a great show we couldn't wait. When we arrived at the new location 317 10th Ave SW the restaurant was very busy and we had a 30 min wait time which is not too bad. However they sat us in a poorly decorated lounge area that look pieced together with odds and ends and really didn't fit the decor of the main restaurant. We were seated towards the back by a doorway I'm guessing lead to the kitchen area the smell was so foul from dirty mop water we almost decided to leave.
When we were seated in the restaurant still very busy excitement resumed with floods of memories of our first experience about the show and food. I think we ordered the same as before steak and shrimp that came with accompanying soup, salad, vegetables, and rice with the one item that stood out the most was their house steak sauce.

This visit we noticed bowls of rice with the signature steak suace on top and sure enough when our food started to come we were offered a bowl. I would have to say this was the magical moment of the visit the flavor of the sauce and rice together was amaizing and could be eaten as a meal all in it self, the steak sauce is just that good! So good I had 2 bowls my steak and shrimp were great soft and tender cooked just right, overall the food was really good. I think were we were a little disappointed this time was the Teppanyaki show lacked interaction and was just routine with our chef. The other tables had a good chef that was funny and had guest  laughing and having a good time, so I think the atmosphere is greatly improved with who is cooking for you.
Overal our experience was good I think over time it has lost a little of the luster it once had but still worth a visit and we will be back.
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