Thursday, November 1, 2012

State and Main - Lethbridge

Highly recommended by the hotel. State and Main in Lethbridge needed to be checked out. Sister restaurant of Original Joes chain. Recently opened building was an old East Side Mario's. Decent location within the Walt-Mart parking lot. Ordered the Beer Can Chicken, with mixed veg (salad) and stuffed potato. Rub on the outside very flavorful, very dark looked burnt when then put the plate down. More of a blackened chicken. Chicken was chewy with a rubbery texture, slightly on the cold side. Stuffed potato was very dry and cool. Neither were hot almost seemed to be microwaved. The best item on the dish was the mixed vegetables (salad). Service was very friendly and attentive. Popular spot as seating filled up very quickly. Based on the food quality I wouldn't venture a second try. State and Main on Urbanspoon

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