Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Momo Restuarant

When you first drive by Momo Sushi in Red Deer's Down Town you can miss it if your not looking, tucked away and looks dated and not much to see. However step inside this little gem and the interior is warm and cozy very tiny maybe 70 seats long and narrow, you will be greeted quickly with a warm smile and friendly hello. I was seated and browsed through the menu, I was feeling like a Dynamite roll and there it was, Dynamite Roll Platter comes with Dynamite Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and 2 pieces of Nigiri one Tuna and one Salmon plus side salad and Miso Soup.

Side Salad & Miso Soup
My soup and salad came out really fast small enough to get me going until the main attraction arrives, nice sesame oil based dressing and light soup hit the spot. I didn't have to wait long before my sushi arrive and very nice presentation great plating and I couldn't wait to give it a try.

Dynamite Roll Platter
I really appreciate when sushi restaurants give you plenty of ginger which looked fresh, I had a few different selections and had the right amount between rolls. I dove right into the Dynamite Roll and fantastic texture to the tempura batter, warm perfectly seasoned rice crisp vegetables and nori that broke evenly and was not chewy. The Spicy Tuna Roll was good I prefer solid tuna in comparison to the chopped tuna here but flavors worked well I enjoyed it as well. Nice size Nigiri I like that when you tip the Nigiri over to slightly dip the fish in the soya sauce my fish did not fall off as with tradition they dab light amount of wasabi between the fish and rice. Next I had the Crispy Roll a Dynamite Roll and California Roll combined, first time trying and I really enjoyed this roll too, I can't believe I have never attempted to try in the past. The crab mixture was light not overpower by mayo if I'm correct they use Japanese mayo which is creamy and light in taste. I was so full after eating here and very happy with the quality and service I received, this is a hidden gem that I will have to visit again.

Crispy Roll
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