Saturday, November 6, 2010

Globe Fish on 14th

I finally had the opportunity to visit one of Calgary's highly buzzed Sushi spots today Globe Fish at their location on 14th, and after reading so many reviews I had to give them a try. Very nice interior modern decor with mid size seating but does fill up quit quickly at lunch as there is a small line up outside waiting for the doors to unlock. The staff were very pleasant but did not go out of their way to be funny or great overall very nice, with all of the Calgary Flames autographed photos on the wall I anticipated great sushi.
I ordered the Gyoza to start which came out fast and was traditional done seared one side and steamed, hot through out.

I had ordered the crispy California Roll and got the Spicy California Roll instead I enjoy both so I didn't say anything, the spicy sauce is a clear thin which most Sushi Restaurants use a spicy mayo. The rice was well seasoned light but good they do not over portion the roll with rice just the right amount. The crab mixture was lightly mixed with Japanese mayo nice texture. I was pleasantly surprised with the spicy sauce, not too much heat just gave it a pleasant flavor. Presentation of all the sushi here is done very well and all plates look very good as they arrive.
The Crispy Tuna Roll this one is my favorite of the day, I know anything deep fried is not very good for you but tastes so good. This is lightly fried with a tempura batter than topped with the spicy sauce I would order this again, funny that they are very detailed on the placement of the sushi on the plate but place this huge glob of wasabi in the corner with out any attempt of creativity.

The Dynamite Roll my second choice today the large prawn lightly deep fried good size roll I enjoyed this roll and one of the better dynamite rolls i have tried.

I have tried many beef rolls at other sushi places and The Alberta Roll here I'm sorry to say is one of the worst, the beef is to be prepared with a Teriyaki sauce. This one had no traces of Teriyaki sauce and the beef was very tough in texture and extremely dry which made it tough to eat. I would be very confident in not recommending The Alberta Roll to anyone and order something else.
My visit to Globe Fish today was OK I would rate the interior decor and cleanliness as high vary tastefully done and inviting. The staff were all very friendly and quick to serve, pleasant and happy which is important for restaurants to make there guest feel comfortable. I would rate the sushi as average not quite what I was expecting, they definitely did not blow me away with flavor, presentation yes flavor no. I would recommend them as the food is still good and you get a good experience for what you pay for, but  are right in the middle for me.
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  1. I really like globefish, but I've only been to the one at Chinook! :) I was wanting to visit the one on 14th this weekend, but I opt'd for something else. I'm undeicided if I will attempt now, since it's so much further, and it looks about the same! :) Thanks for the post!


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