Monday, September 6, 2010

Burger Bar - Roy, Utah

This episode of Triple D featured Burger Bar in Roy, Utah I had to check out the best burger in Salt Lake and see for myself. I pulled up and walked up to the window small place but very busy, after making my choice you pay than go find a spot on a bench and wait for your name to be called. I waited in anticipation thinking about the episode wondering if it will be as good, the pictures looked very yummy.

This is the store front that gives you loads of options, looks like a drive up burger joint minus the servers on roller skates, definite ma and pa looking establishment.
French fries with Utah's famous fry sauce made of mayo, wasn't too bad but a hit with the locals.

This is the Milk shake I'm sure in the US a milkshake is served so thick you need the spoon as you can see no straw required or capable of drinking. I've been to a number of US locations and this is how most of the milk shakes are made super thick. However the freshness of Burger Bars milk shake is fantastic I got the Strawberry and loads of flavor puts you over the edge trying to finish 1/4 of this one.

OK now for the star of the show the burger with a bun as big as my hand and  looks like a plate let alone a bun. Light and soft very nice bun, lots of shredded lettuce and fry sauce on the top with pickles I do recommend at least 2 patties as they are thin and you need more meat. I was only able to eat half of this monster as it was just too big and was worth the drive.

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